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This Free World Travel & Trail Map is massive and shows every destination and backpacking trail in the world. The map can be viewed on a cellphone without any need for WIFI or data and it works best on the iPhone with Guru Offline Maps Pro. It's an OFFLINE MAP. Offline maps don't use internet or data and are great for travelers with no phone service.  

Simply download the Guru Offline Maps App onto an iPhone. Direct Download the AviKMap.KML file from the Drop Box App; export the map and open it in Guru. 

The Guru App has a small blue arrow that indicates the traveler's exact location on the map. Backpackers can see if they’re headed the wrong way in a cab or on a trail because they'll see it on Guru. 

A quick way to reset the phone's GPS is to throw the phone into airplane mode. It's also fun to go into the Guru Settings and turn on, "Show Bookmark Name," and then turn off, "Cluster Bookmarks," in the phone settings. 

Thanks !!